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More about Bio Nativus

Bio Nativus is a mineral-based, nutritional dietary supplement company specializing in natural, alternative health solutions for professionals in the natural healthcare field. Their commitment to helping individuals achieve their best health with the help of nature is reflected in their name, which is Latin for "Life by Nature."

Bio Nativus' foundation product was their Trace Mineral Drop Complex. This high-quality mineral supplement is made from minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake. This inland sea was revered by early Native Americans for its health-supporting properties.

The secret to the Great Salt Lake's excellent mineral concentration lies in the waters that flow into it. From mountain streams, natural springs and annual snow melt, water runs down the Rocky Mountains, traveling through meadows, grasslands and an extensive system of marshes, infusing it with an array of health-supporting phytonutrients.

Minerals are key to sustaining vibrant life, and thanks to a great deal of experimentation and research across the world, the most significant and unique ionic trace mineral and ionic plant source mineral products have been discovered, and Bio Nativus has established themselves as a producer of some of the best mineral products available.

Along with the original Trace Mineral Drop Complex, at Natural Healthy Concepts we also carry Bio Nativus' best calcium-magnesium supplements, stress-support products, and even mineral-infused electrolyte sports drink concentrates.

Bio Nativus is your premier choice for mineral supplementation.