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More About Similasan

Similasan began in Switzerland and quickly spread through Europe. Similasan products are now widely used and well-respected in the US. Their natural remedies have become a staple for countless families looking for natural, temporary, symptomatic relief from ailments of the eyes, ears, nose, head and chest.

Similasan is committed to giving you relief from symptoms the natural way. They do this by using 100% natural active ingredients and engage the body's natural defenses to support your immune system. Active ingredients are intended to directly affect symptoms of ailments.

Similasan products contain high quality ingredients and they stand behind their brand. You won't have to worry about side-effects you might get from over-the-counter medications either.

Whether you're suffering from dry, irritated and itchy eyes or your sinuses are giving you grief - you can have confidence in Similasan homeopathic products. Trusted medicine...naturally!