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Meet Our In-Store Practitioners!

Angela Halderson, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Practitioner

Angela Halderson was born in Neenah, Wisconsin and was raised as a part of a traditional American family eating a Standard American Diet (SAD). After developing a growing interest in nutrition and learning how proper food choices can help people achieve optimal wellness, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Biology with a Human Nutrition Emphasis. She completed her dietetic internship through Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship, is a member of the National Academy of Nutrition Professionals, and is a graduate of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy. Angela is a certified health coach and a certified meridian stress technician with experience providing nutritional counseling to patients in an intimate wellness clinic setting on topics including Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Digestive Disorders, Hypertension and stress reduction. She has led clients on grocery store tours, lectured large groups on health education and performed cooking demonstrations.

Angela focuses on integrative and functional nutrition using a holistic and client centered approach to wellness. She believes restoring optimal wellness is possible by treating the whole person, not a disease. She has helped clients improve their health through better food and supplement intake, developing a better response to stress, and helped them remove toxins from their environment..

Abby Vallejo, RD, CPT, CHC

Abby Vallejo graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay with a degree in Human Biology & Dietetics and went on to do her Dietetic Internship with Wellness Workdays, based in Hingham, Massachusetts. Abby is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and enjoys training and counseling clients one-on-one to help them achieve their wellness and fitness goals. Abby worked in the vitamin and supplement industry while pursuing her nutrition degree and was delighted to return after earning her credential as a Registered Dietitian. She believes in holistically supporting the body and naturally bringing it back into balance for optimal healing and wellness. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym, traveling, eating and spending time outside in nature.

Abby can help you with:

  • • Interpreting test results, such as GI Map testing, Hormone Testing and Neurotransmitter Testing
  • • Optimal Lab Test Results Analysis of standard doctor's office labs
  • • Detoxification and weight loss
  • • Intermittent fasting and carb fasting
  • • Healing and rebalancing the microbiome
  • • Anti aging and beauty
  • • Reviewing and optimizing food and supplement intake
  • • Natural alternatives to medications
  • • General health and wellbeing

  • Our Practitioner's Services

    MRT/LEAP Food Sensitivity Testing - Is Your Food Making You Sick?

    Food sensitivity testing is one of the most important functional medicine tests a person can use to help identify common sources feeding the inflammation within the body. The first thing a food sensitivity sufferer needs to do is identify their trigger foods.

    Skin allergy testing will only correctly identify up to 40% of food sensitivities. IgG testing only tests for food exposure – not food tolerance. ALCAT food sensitivity testing cannot measure lymphocyte reacts (T-cells, NK cells), and are based on old technology.

    MRT/LEAP precisely measures changes to whole blood and a patient specific elimination diet/anti-inflammatory diet is developed. In a blinded peer-reviewed scientific study, MRT was found to have the highest level of accuracy of any food sensitivity blood test (94.5% sensitivity, and 91.8% specificity).

    Qest4 Meridian Stress Testing

    The Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) is a painless, non-invasive analysis using an FDA-approved measurement device to detect imbalances in your health. The MSA allows your natural health care provider to detect dysfunctions associated with symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Meridian Stress Assessment analyzes acupuncture points on your skin associated with your major organ systems or meridians. The evaluation determines the stress that each organ meridian is under, along with specific natural remedies to bring them back into balance.

    Neurotransmitter Testing - Dealing With Mood Swings or an Emotional Imbalance?

    Neurotransmitters and hormones help our body communicate and play a vital role in our emotions and outlook on life. Neurotransmitter testing identifies which neurotransmitters and hormones need nutritional support. This is a personalized, non-prescription approach to your neurotransmitter and endocrine health.

    Stress & Sex Hormone Testing

    Your stress hormone, coritisol, shares a delicate balance with your sex hormones DHEA, Testosterone, Progesterone and Estrogen, as well as your neurotransmitters. High stress can deplete your sex hormones, leaving you with lack of seuxal interest, thinning skin, lower bone mineral density, mood swings or insomnia.

    *To set up an appointment with Angela or for more information on testing, please contact us at (920) 968-2386.

    • •Initial Consultation: $100
    • •Follow up Consultation: $60
    • •MRT/LEAP 170 panel: $335
    • •Neurotransmitter Testing: $220-$390
    • •Stress & Sex Hormone Testing: $170-$400
    • •Comprehensive Stool Testing: $489

    Store Events

    Clinical Thermography - A Proactive Approach to Breast Health

    To learn more about infrared imaging, and associated fees, or to make your appointment, call (920) 207-3959 or email

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