Herbs For Kids

More About Herbs for Kids

If you're looking for herbal supplements and solutions for your children, you've come to the right place! Herbs for Kids is a natural herbal supplement dedicated to exactly that - herbs for kids!

Founded in 1990, Herbs for Kids began with a parent just like you. Sunny Mavor, an herbalist and expectant mother, loved the possibilities and benefits of natural, herbal products, but was frustrated by the lack of products for children. Many of the herbal formulas she came across were alcohol-based or simply too strong for children.

Using her background as a practicing herbalist, as well as her experience in retail natural food management, Mavor began developing her own herbal products to meet the special needs of children, and Herbs for Kids was born.

Herbs for Kids blends are alcohol-free and gentle enough for kids. They're also flavored to please even the pickiest of palates!

From tummy aches to ear aches, and even nightmares and bedwetting, Herbs for Kids is there to help you help your kids naturally.