Healthy Origins

More About Healthy Origins

When Healthy Origins makes its brand of nutritional supplements, the focus is on the beginnings. Their simple yet important mission - "to provide healthy value from reliable origins."

Where did the ingredients come from? Are they top quality? Can they be trusted? Those are all questions someone like you may be asking before you make the decision to try a supplement.

Rest assured - Healthy Origins strives to use patented and branded ingredients from reputable suppliers who are considered leaders in the field of natural health. That means you can depend on Healthy Origins to manufacture the best.

The company's custom formulations strictly follow FDA and cGMP guidelines. All product labels list every ingredient used in the formula. Hidden fillers, binders and coatings are never used if they could negatively affect a product's integrity, potency or diminish bioavailability.

Healthy Origins has created an impressive selection of supplements for a variety of health concerns. Among the most popular here at Natural Healthy Concepts are its Ubiquinol softgels, Vitamin D3 and White Chia Seed - a nutritious whole food source for fiber and Omega-3s.

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