Global Health Trax

More About Global Health Trax

Need to get your digestive system back on track? That's exactly what Global Health Trax aims to do for you with supportive products including enzymes, probiotics, natural laxatives and more.

Global Health Trax offers an exclusive selection of supplements formulated to support healthy digestion. Many regular users of Global Health Trax products say they have made a dramatic impact in their quality of life.

Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we proudly offer some of Global Health Trax bestsellers. That includes their FiveLac and ThreeLac probiotic formulas, which come in easy-to-use packets that also travel well.

You'll also find Oxygen Elements Max. This product can be added to drinking water to help you utilize oxygen throughout the day. It may be especially useful for exercise and athletic training.

Looking for a Global Health Trax product you don't see offered at Natural Healthy Concepts? Call our customer service department and let them know what you're looking for. We can usually obtain it for you.