King Bio

More About King Bio

King Bio has emerged as a leader in developing water-based homeopathic methods that have had a profound effect on successful natural therapies.

It all happened because a man named Dr. Frank J. King saw a desperate need among some of his patients. They were people who had extreme sensitivities to the environment. Some of the patients even had to wear breathing machines strapped to their backs.

King Health Center was founded in 1979, and Dr. King assembled a team of researchers to study the clinical results of natural therapies. They discovered that homeopathic methods are the best performing, and water-based homeopathics can often be used instead of those based in alcohol, glycerin or sugar.

The King Bio products you will find at Natural Healthy Concepts include homeopathic sprays for allergy and hay fever relief as well as a spray that can help relieve issues from food allergies and environmental sensitivity.

There are specific formulas designed to support animal hair and dander reactions as well as asthma symptoms. You can even get a homeopathic spray that may reduce symptoms from grain and gluten allergies.

Both King Bio and Natural Healthy Concepts firmly believe that all-natural answers can resolve many health issues. We also share the ideal that we are all designed to be healthy and disease-free. King Bio products can help you live that kind of life.