Pharmax manufactures products made in the United States in FDA registered manufacturing facilities. Pharmax adheres to strict guidelines set forth by the Pharmax Quality System, which includes operating within the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) per the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR). Pharmax products are tested against validated specifications for identity, purity, consistency, and quality.
Choosing high quality supplements is important for your health. Many supplements on the market are made with low-quality ingredients and do not meet standards for purity and quality.
Pharmax supplements are formulated with high-quality active ingredients that are produced to Pharmax specifications at Pharmax licensed or their own manufacturing facilities for the highest quality and utmost purity without harmful contaminants.
If you want to support your body each day with the best possible ingredients, choose Pharmax supplements. With high-quality, active ingredients manufactured to Pharmax's strict specifications, you can trust that each supplement is designed for your health.
Pharmax identifies promising nutrients from scientific publications involving preclinical or clinical research studies to formulate evidence-based nutraceuticals designed for your individual needs.
Pharmax is constantly searching for the most innovative and efficacious ingredients to include in its formulations. By conducting clinical research on their own products, Pharmax is able to develop cutting-edge nutraceuticals that target specific conditions. This helps ensure that you're getting the most effective ingredients in each Pharmax supplement.