Transfer Point

Get Beta Glucan Support with Transfer Point Supplements

Transfer Point’s supplements focus on quality, rather than quantity. Rather than compromise their formulas by making a wide spectrum of products, they chose to focus on creating a small line of high-quality products backed by extensive testing and research. They are deeply committed to supporting the immune system with their beta glucan products.

Transfer Point produces beta 1,3D glucan supplements using the active ingredient Glucan 300®, which is derived from baker’s yeast. It works to support immune system health and function. This glucan has been cited in several journals for its quality and effectiveness.

Additionally, research plays a large role in the production of Transfer Point’s products. Each product is backed by scientific testing, and is tested twice (both before and after bottling) by independent third parties. This ensures that the products retain all their potential health benefits, and you can feel confident about the products you’re using. The products are produced at a cGMP compliant facility, and Transfer Point goes above and beyond what is required by law in their manufacturing processes.

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