Wally's Natural

Wally’s Natural supports ear health with their organic ear candles and ear oils. Committed to creating high-quality, natural products, Wally’s Natural is a family-run business that cares for their products and for the Earth.

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All-Natural Ear Care Starts with Wally’s Natural

Since 1991, Wally’s Natural has been developing natural solutions for ear care, beginning with the creation of their natural ear candles. Wally’s was started by Russ and Therese Sheppard after their son experienced positive effects from ear candling after years of suffering from ear problems. The couple, who then lived in Auburn, California, decided to share their discovery with the world and began making ear candles, using only high-quality bees and paraffin waxes, unbleached cotton muslin, and essential oils.

Gradually, the Sheppards began producing more products for natural, healthy ear care. In addition to ear candles, they now offer natural ear oils, and a line of pet ear care products. Their products are sold in over 20,000 retail spaces across the country, and they remain the number one ear candle manufacturer in America.

Wally’s Natural continues to be a family-run organization, and the company works to honor the diversity and talents of their employees. The manufacturing facility is solar powered and works to eliminate environmental pollution. Committed to their motto of “quality without compromise,” every step of the manufacturing process works to create consistent and safe products.

Here at Natural Healthy Concepts, we’re excited to offer Wally’s Natural original beeswax ear candles, as well as organic ear oil and organic ear oil for pets. Shop our selection and start supporting ear health today!