More about PetAlive & Native Remedies

Native Remedies was founded in 2002 by George, Adrienne and Dean Luntz, with the help of their team of naturopathic, homeopathic and other natural medicine experts. Their mission for the company was, and continues to be, to inspire people to adopt a natural approach to complete family wellness — including pets.

The family business provides health and lifestyle education on its website, and offers over 250 homeopathic and herbal formulas that are made in cGMP facilities with 100% natural ingredients. They are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, animal products and gluten, and are never tested on animals. Their herbal ingredients are wildcrafted wherever possible in order to maintain the balance of the environment.

PetAlive offers natural formulas for cats, dogs, horses and small pets that seek to support happier healthier lives, naturally! Each product is expertly formulated, chemical free and unconditionally guaranteed by the company for one year. The website also contains a complete A to Z ailment directory for pets to better assist customers.

Natural Healthy Concepts is excited to offer the PetAlive brand. Click on the products above for more information.