Pure Synergy

Great Synergy for Great Health

The Synergy Company is best known for its flagship product, Pure Synergy, which blends 60 of nature's most life-giving and nutrient-rich organic whole food and botanical concentrates.

This 'wellness food' features fruits, sprouts, grasses, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, sea plants, and herbs.

However, the company provides much more, including Organic Prenatal whole food multi, Authentic Organic Vitamins, Bone Renewal, and Cell Protector.

Based near the ancient red cliffs of Moab in Utah, The Synergy Company believes that good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility are compatible with good business.

And staying true to its roots, the company says its mission is to produce pure, potent, organic nutritional supplements that provide you with not only great value but also a natural, organic boost to your health and well-being.