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Andrew Medical is a company that focuses on scientific and comprehensive testing and research of supplements and vitamins to ensure the highest possible quality. Arthur Andrew Medical is one of the few brands that has a team of scientists who dedicate their time to researching and developing new products.
The company was founded by Arthur Andrew in 1998, after he had spent many years researching the benefits of supplements and vitamins. He was motivated to start the company after he realized that there were very few companies focused on providing high-quality supplements.
Arthur Andrew Medical is a professional brand because it provides high-quality supplements based on scientific evidence. They strive to provide products based on scientific evidence and continued research in the medical field to provide the most effective supplements available.
The company has a team of scientists who are dedicated to researching and developing new products, which ensures that the products are of the highest quality.
Arthur Andrew Medical is also one of the few brands that have a GMP certification, which is an assurance that the company follows high manufacturing standards. All of the ingredients in these products are listed on the label, so you know exactly what you're taking, with no hidden preservatives, fillers, or other unwanted substances.
Arthur Andrew Medical provides educational information about nutritional supplementation through seminars, webinars, articles, blogs, and videos. Arthur Andrew Medical aims to educate individuals on how life changing taking an active approach toward one's health can be.
Arthur Andrews Medical values include integrity, open communication, respect for employees and customers, trustworthiness, reliance between co-workers and management, and loyalty. The company places a strong emphasis on customer service and strives to maintain an open line of communication with its customers. They are also highly reliant on the quality and integrity of their products, as well as the team of scientists who develop them.