Nutra BioGenesis

More About Nutra BioGenesis

Co-founder Riley Livingston learned about nutritional products while working at a vitamin store in high school. It became his passion, and Livingston had a lot of ideas for improvements and new products. He would go on to team up with Dr. David Wood to launch BioGenesis Nutraceuticals in 2000.

Dr. Wood used his experience as a clinician to help BioGenesis develop formulas that can address multiple symptoms in people. He believes this simplifies the process for both the patient and the healthcare practitioner.

That's why Biogenesis uses practicing professionals to help develop their products. The company also invites physicians around the country to give their own insights in to the formulas and their clinical application.

Natural Healthy Concepts offers a wide range of choices from BioGenesis Nutraceuticals. That includes the Intestinal Repair Complex for restoring healthy digestion, Pain X to address inflammation and acute pain, and the natural detoxification program BioCleanse Plus.

Find the BioGenesis Nutraceuticals supplement that meets your health needs. It's all available with fast shipping from Natural Healthy Concepts!