Back Joy

Founded by Jim and Preston Willingham, a father and son duo, BackJoy is a team of professionals who are committed to "helping the world sit, stand, sleep, and move better." It has become a trusted brand for people looking to improve their overall health and wellness while relieving back pain.

The mission at BackJoy is simple. They aim to spread the knowledge that better posture prevents back pain, but they also aim to "create and distribute innovative products that enhance posture to relieve back pain."

BackJoy products are created to enhance your overall health in the following ways:

  • The BackJoy SitSmart products are designed to help "prevent slouching, painful pressure, and muscles flattening under your body weight," and work to improve your posture
  • The BackJoy StandRight footwear is designed to "help you stand comfortably, walk correctly, and improve your posture," and they come in different stylish options for men and women
  • The BackJoy SleepSound products have a patented design that "helps you sleep with optimal posture and comfort," while delivering the benefits you'd normally get from a down pillow without having to worry about flattening
  • The BackJoy PostureWear promotes the adjustment of your shoulders and "correctly aligns your spine to promote optimal neutral posture and comfort"
  • The BackJoy Gear products are designed for optimal pain and pressure relief and improved posture

The founders and dedicated team behind BackJoy truly believe that if you change your posture, you'll change your life. They are inspired by the most powerful form of healthcare--the self-care movement.

When you choose BackJoy, you'll have a team of committed professionals behind you who believe in your health. Place your order with us today and get back on the road to better posture and optimal health!