Support Your Health with Squip

Squip is constantly working to make a difference in their customers’ lives by offering a number of products to support ear and sinus health.

Squip has been creating high-quality products since 2002. Their products are sold in 27 countries worldwide, and are selected for their efficacy, and for the potential ability to have a positive impact on the lives of their customers. Each Squip product is crafted and distributed from their 7,000 square foot plant in Central New Jersey. Squip’s medical staff carefully researches and tests each product before releasing them to their customers. The products are made according to high-quality standards and support good health from the inside out.

From salt inhalers to ear-wax removal kits, Squip’s products are designed to support your health. One of their most popular products, Squip’s Himalayan salt and salt inhalers are designed to support sinus and respiratory health. Squip also offers a saline salt to assist with nasal rinses, and it can be combined with their nasaline rinsing system. This system is perfect for on-the-go nasal rinses, which may offer support for seasonal health challenges.

When you purchase a product from Squip, you can feel confident that you are purchasing a product that works to support a better and healthier world. Peruse our selection of great Squip products, and support your ear, sinus, and respiratory health today!