More About Bio-Design

Founded in 1979 by Robert Werum, Bio-Design offers clinically-tested herbal supplements to healthcare professionals. From digestive to glandular health support, these natural products have a wide variety of potential health benefits. Best sellers include Aloe Lax 225, which contains a pure form of aloe vera believed to help soothe intestinal tract tissue, and Colloidal Iodine Sublingual Drops, which features a bioavailable form of iodine thought to allow for easier absorption and metabolic support.

Ingredients in the Bio-Design line include raw, concentrated plants and animal tissue or organs for optimal nutritional support. The unique formulas have been developed by physicians using the latest scientific research, as well as research from traditional health practices, including those based on Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medicine.

The synergistic nutrients are formulated to help support your health and vitality from a range of ingredient delivery options, including tonics, creams, gels, tablets, softgels, capsules and more.

Bio-Design offers an extensive line of dietary supplements, such as amino acids, enzymes, glandular concentrates, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and minerals that may provide you with the necessary nutrients to fill gaps in your diet and may help to support a healthy life. Order yours today!