Bark & Whiskers

Bark & Whiskers emphasizes the importance of food and lifestyle choices in pets' health and longevity. Their mission is to provide the latest information on species-appropriate nutrition and care, curated by Dr. Karen Becker, a leading wellness and integrative veterinarian. Read More >

About Bark & Whiskers

Dr. Becker advocates for functional medicine, focusing on dietary and lifestyle choices to help pets thrive and prevent illness, rather than just treating symptoms. With over 30 years as a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, she founded the first proactive animal hospital in the U.S. and later opened an exotic animal clinic and a rehabilitation and pain management clinic. She is also the first veterinarian to give a TEDx Talk on species-appropriate nutrition.

Dr. Becker shares her expertise through lectures and writings, empowering pet owners and veterinary professionals. In 2021, she co-authored "The Forever Dog" with Rodney Habib, which became the first New York Times No. 1 best-seller on canine well-being.

Through the Healthy Pets website, Dr. Becker has reached millions of pet lovers. As her "Longevity Junkies" movement grew, Bark & Whiskers emerged as an independent brand, offering comprehensive resources on her pet health strategies and advice.