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About BioSpec

BioSpec Nutritionals, a division of Practitioner Supply Co, LLC, has been family-owned since 1997. For over 20 years, it has served healthcare professionals and their patients with a focus on Service, Science, and Results.

BioSpec prioritizes exceptional service, avoiding automated technologies and rigid policies that hinder personal customer care. The company supports healthcare practitioners with free educational materials and support programs, aiming to enhance patient outcomes and practice growth.

As an evidence-based company, BioSpec approaches research with healthy skepticism, acknowledging the limitations of studies. It remains committed to reputable science, continuously improving its formulas and educational materials.

BioSpec recognizes the challenges of individualized medicine and the importance of addressing diverse health needs. Its formulas are designed to improve health outcomes based on epidemiological trends and population statistics. Confident in the efficacy of its products, BioSpec believes in the significant results patients will experience.