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Founded in 1972, Progressive Labs was started by a nutritionist who was passionate about helping his patients live their healthiest lives. Since then, Progressive Labs has developed a line of targeted products to support overall wellness. Whether you're looking for antioxidant support, or for amino acid supplements, Progressive Labs has an innovative product for you. Read More >

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More About Progressive Labs

Innovation has always been important to Progressive Labs. Even their name implies their commitment to creating unique and effective products. Instead of simply manufacturing another version of the “supplement of the moment,” Progressive Labs strives to create products that help licensed health care practitioners address health and wellness issues.

Each of the products Progressive Labs offers is made with ingredients that are the exact forms and sources used in clinical research. They source ingredients from American, European, and other quality suppliers of raw materials, and never compromise on standards or quality. For example, Progressive Labs uses naturally derived phosphatidylserine from Israel, and Lonza’s DHAid™ from Switzerland.

Equally important to the foundation of the company is manufacturing quality and excellence. Each supplement Progressive Labs manufactures is made according to the highest standards and are backed with analytical test results and Certificate of Analysis reports, all of which are available for professional review. All their products are made in GMP compliant facilities. Whether you’re searching for cardiovascular support, or a daily green nutrient drink, Progressive Labs offers the perfect product for you. Try them today!