More About Karuna

Since 1981, Karuna has provided health-conscious customers with high-quality holistic products covering a large selection of targeted nutritional supplement needs to promote general health and wellness. The word “Karuna” is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means “the embodiment of compassionate activity.” The company’s corporate mission is to promote the healing and wellness of its customers, which has earned them the loyalty of thousands of holistic medical professionals. A growing number of holistic health practitioners choose Karuna products for potentially therapeutic nutritional needs.

Made in the USA, the brand is committed to ingredients that meet high standards of quality. Karuna formulations are backed by science and clinical trials, ensuring products are pure and suitable for hypoallergenic people, while also offering reliable dietary supplementation. Many of Karuna’s products contain carefully sourced organic or wildcrafted ingredients that are free of preservatives, artificial flavorings or other additives. They are housed in easily digestible vegetarian capsules.

A clear declaration of ingredients makes catalog listings and product labels easy to understand, complying with FDA Supplement Facts requirements. Many of the supplements are water-soluble and bioavailable. Herbal ingredients use standardized botanical extracts.

Try Karuna’s diverse product line of nutritional supplements for yourself. It may make a difference to your health!