More About Montiff

Helping you fight free radical damage - that's what the mission of Montiff is all about.

This supplement manufacturer's main focus is on the potential for amino acids to promote optimal health and well-being.

As a young man, Montiff founder, Don Tyson, started out working in the laboratories of the American Red Cross. That's where he learned about the accurate measurement of amino acid levels in blood plasma.

He would go on to found a company that became the first to offer oral amino acid supplements in America. Tyson has taken the lead in much of the research surrounding full-spectrum, oral amino acid formulations.

He founded Montiff in 1999 with the goal of introducing revolutionary progress in nutraceuticals to the medical community. Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to be able to partner with Montiff in offering these high quality amino acid supplements and other products to people like you.

Here in our online store, you'll find best-sellers from Montiff. That includes Amino Starter and All-Basic-Plus for all-around support.

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