More About Lumino Wellness

Lumino makes health products for people as well as pets. Many of their offerings are made from beneficial salts and oils. There are natural ways to stay naturally beautiful and Lumino helps you do just that.

The founders of this company are tango dancers from Argentina who developed their own products to help care for their feet. Today Lumino offers a variety of health and beauty products as well as the popular Diatomaceous Earth.

You'll also find natural tooth polish powder, an exfoliating scrub made with Himalayan salt, an organic face masque and more!

Diatomaceous Earth was at first an ingredient in Lumino's masque. However, it can also be used on its own to absorb oils and deodorize pet bedding. Mix it in with kitty litter or put it in your garden where it acts as a safe and natural pesticide. USDA Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can even help reduce the odor from chicken coops!

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