Bee Propolis Extracts Made in USA by NaturaNectar

Founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Alessandro Esteves, NaturaNectar partnered with top scientists from the University of São Paulo, Brazil to research a new type of Brazilian bee propolis, which became the foundation of its diverse, science-based product line.

Together with its Florida-based sister company, PhenolicFactory LLC, it produces pure, exclusive bee propolis extracts that are distributed around the world. These natural extracts are blended with other nutrients to create dietary supplements ideal for supporting the health of people with stressful, busy lifestyles.

NaturaNectar’s functional line of bee propolis-based products deliver the potential benefits of this unique ingredient, helping to improve customers’ quality of life. From vegetable-based capsules to throat and nasal spray, the products offer support for optimal oral health, immune function, respiratory health and more.

NaturaNectar’s products deliver standardized extracts of premium Brazilian bee propolis, made possible by “Green Extraction,” a Scandinavian extraction method using purified water that ensures the quality of phenolic acids and/or flavonoids in its products.

More reasons to support the NaturaNectar product line:

  • Bee propolis extracts suitable for everyone
  • Free of artificial preservative, colors, scents or flavors
  • Products are made in the USA
  • No chemical solvents used in extraction methods
  • Eco-friendly materials (recycled glass bottles and cartons)

As part of the company’s BeeThere Initiative, NaturaNectar also donates a minimum of 10% of its profits back to the communities where it harvests its natural ingredients.

If you’re interested in introducing the potential benefits of bee propolis into your daily health routine, shop NaturaNectar today!