Essential Formulas' Science-Based Supplements

Essential Formulas is a family-owned and operated business that delivers science-based products that seek to empower consumers to take control of their health. Michael Schoor, chairman and CEO of Essential Formulas, discovered a probiotic product from Japan, known as OM-X (Ohhira's Mountain Extract), while traveling through Malaysia in 1997. An onset of traveler’s indigestion led him to a local doctor, who recommended this probiotic. The supplement provided him quick, temporary relief, and impressed Schoor so much that he was compelled to learn more about OM-X and the formulator of the capsules, Dr. Lichiroh Ohhira, one of Japan's leading microbiologists.

Schoor learned that the science-based capsules contain live probiotics, prebiotics (substances that “feed” probiotics), as well as organic acids and biogenic ingredients that promote a healthy digestive tract. In 1999, Schoor and Dr. Ohhira combined forces. Essential Formulas became the primary North American distributor for this revolutionary formula. Since then, Essential Formulas has expanded its line to include the immune system support of Dr. Ohhira's Propolis PLUS and a growing line of probiotic skin care products.

Essential Formulas is a member of several natural health associations and actively participates in lobbying efforts on behalf of the natural product industry. Shop Essential Formulas here, and experience the potential benefits of OM-X yourself!