Natures Answer

Family owned and operated since 1972, Nature's Answer offers the highest quality ingredients in their holistic supplements to support your health. Read More >

Discover Holistic Support with Nature’s Answer

Nature’s Answer has been making nutritional supplements to support health since 1972. Founded by Frank D’Amelio and his wife, Josephine, Nature’s Answer is the result of a passion for healthy living and an interest in the uses of herbs and botanicals. The company has been family owned for three generations, and their manufacturing practices are inspired by their commitment to quality, purity, and personal belief in the value of integrity.

All of Nature’s Answer’s products are manufactured and packaged in-house and made with the highest-quality ingredients that have been tested for quality and purity. Their expert team of chemists, pharmacognosists, microbiologists, and herbalists work synergistically to maintain Nature’s Answer’s high standards.

Nature’s Answer specializes in botanical extracts, like their Sarsaparilla Root Extract, and their Bio-Strath Liquid Food Supplement. Their supplements work to support optimal health with their holistically balanced formulas.

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