Heise Wausau Farms is a family-owned and operated natural health company located in Wisconsin. It produces dietary supplements supporting overall health and wellness from sugar-free, pure and natural herbal-based ingredients such as panax ginseng. Start shopping today!

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Support a Healthy Stress Response with Wisconsin-Grown Herbs

Since 1965, Heise Wausau Farms has been a family-owned and operated company committed to providing all-natural, adaptogenic herbal supplements made with pure, local ingredients.

Its main product is 100% Pure Wisconsin Ginseng, a natural supplement featuring Wisconsin-grown panax ginseng that seeks to support general physical and mental well-being. Panax ginseng is used to support a healthy stress response, natural energy levels, and mental, lung, immune and sexual function. This form of ginseng can be potentially beneficial to support your body’s healthy adaptation to occasional stressors.

The company processes all of its pure ginseng in its own facility in Wausau, Wisconsin, to ensure high-quality standards. The company stands behind its wholesome morale, treating its customers like a part of the extended family.

Experience the potential natural health benefits of Wisconsin-grown panax ginseng and other all-natural ingredients in supplement form for yourself! Order from Heise Wausau Farms here today!