Support Sinus Health with Baraka

Baraka was started by Sue Libby in 1996. After moving to Sonoma County in 1996, Sue found herself plagued by sinus issues. After becoming increasily miserable, her mother finally sent her a neti pot. After seeing positive results, Sue decided she could make a better ceramic neti pot. What started as a one-woman business operating out of her friend’s llama shed grew to a small company that not only creates handmade neti pots, but also produces a line of sinus care products including salt rinses, nasal oils, and cold sore balms.

Despite her business success, Sue continues to value relationships with customers and supporting the planet. Baraka products are crafted from organic ingredients, and packaged in recycled paper. The company never uses plastics, and works to keep waste to an absolute minimum. This includes donating flawed neti pots, and using every bit of clay and glaze. They are constantly looking to minimize their impact on the earth, so you can feel good about buying and using their products.

Today, the company still operates with a small staff out of Northern California, and works not only to create great relationships with customers, but also values employee happiness. Their mission is to produce handcrafted, sustainable products to help you support your sinus health. Check out our selection of Baraka products, and support your sinus health today!