Wyndmere Essential Oils

Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to carry Wyndmere essential oils and products, which promote a healthier life with aromatherapy.

Wyndmere Naturals was established in 1995 in Minnesota and is committed to bringing high-quality essential oils to consumers at a reasonable price, while supporting the physical and emotional well-being of their customers.

Each of the oils Wyndmere sells is made in a small batch to ensure quality and freshness. The oils themselves are sourced from indigenous plants that are either grown organically, pesticide free, or ethically wildcrafted. After bottling, the oils are labeled with the common name of the extract, the botanical name, and the country of origin. Wyndmere has purchased from the same trusted growers since the company’s inception. They also frequently import oils that are also used in hospitals, hospices, and by aromatherapists to ensure quality. Their products are never tested on animals.

All Wyndmere’s products are 100% guaranteed, and they are always dedicated to placing customer satisfaction first.

In addition to oils, Wyndmere carries a variety of diffusers and other aromatherapy supplies, so you can get all your aromatherapy needs in one place.