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More About Ancient Secrets

Ancient Secrets' Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamps come from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan - which the company claims is where only the finest quality salt comes from. They give off the warmest hues and most natural glow.

Ancient Secret's lamps are also handcrafted. They contain dozens of trace minerals and are traditionally considered to emit negative ions that may help clean and neutralize the air in your home or office.

Salt lamps are also used to create an uplifting charge to promote a peaceful, relaxing environment.

The overwhelming use of electronic devices we use everyday constantly gives off positive ions that can actually reduce our energy. Since we're over-stimulated much of the time, Himalayan salt lamps can help give you a refreshing, energized and naturally happy feeling by balancing out these ions.

Order your Himalyan Natural Rock Salt Lamp today to enhance the ambiance in your bedroom, living room or baby's nursery! They also make a great gift idea!