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Since its inception in 1989, Designs for Health has set standards in the world of natural and integrative medicine. Through a blend of rigorous scientific research and deep nutritional understanding, they've introduced innovative tools such as the "Spotlight™ Functional Wellness Tests". Read More >

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About Designs for Health

These state-of-the-art tests provide detailed insights into the interplay between individual biology and environmental influences.

Boasting an extensive portfolio, Designs for Health offers over 300 research-backed nutritional products. These are tailored to meet a wide array of health needs, guaranteeing healthcare professionals and their patients access to supplements of unmatched quality. Their unwavering dedication to research and strict quality standards have fortified their position as holistic health pioneers.

With a growing footprint, Designs for Health has earned trust on a global scale. Healthcare professionals from the U.S., Canada, and other international territories frequently recommend their products, emphasizing the brand's global appeal and effectiveness. Their overarching goal remains consistent: to uplift health standards worldwide with unparalleled nutritional solutions.

Designs for Health Highlighted Products

Designs for Health has distinguished itself with its commitment to quality and research-driven formulations. Each product is crafted to address specific health needs, backed by scientific research and consumer feedback. Here's a deeper dive into some of their most popular products:

Designs for Health Digestzymes: This is a specially formulated supplement designed to enhance digestion. It contains a blend of enzymes that assist in breaking down foods, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake. This product offers a potential solution for those with digestive issues or looking to maximize nutrient absorption.

Designs for Health Magnesium Malate: A critical supplement that supports various bodily functions. Magnesium plays an essential role in muscle contractions, nerve function, and energy production. Adequate magnesium levels can help prevent muscle cramps, fatigue, and other related issues.

Designs for Health Vitamin D Supreme: with K1 and K2, Vitamin D Supreme is vital for immune health. Vitamin D, often termed the 'sunshine vitamin', is produced in the skin in response to sunlight. It's essential for bone health, and adequate levels can help combat various conditions, from mood disorders to immune system deficiencies.

Designs for Health Prenatal Pro: Crafted to cater to the unique nutritional needs of expectant mothers. Pregnancy demands a higher intake of certain nutrients to support the growing fetus and maintain the mother's health. This supplement ensures a balanced intake of essential vitamins and minerals during this crucial period.

The History of Designs For Health

Founded in 1989, Designs for Health emerged as a family-run venture deeply anchored in natural medicine and functional nutrition principles. Over the subsequent decades, while upholding its foundational ethos, the company has flourished, emphasizing the quality of its products, unparalleled customer service, and steadfast operational standards.

Today, Designs for Health is recognized as a leader in the healthcare practitioner channel, renowned for its innovative approach and rapid ascent in the industry. With its extensive array of top-quality nutritional supplements, the brand remains committed to achieving the best patient outcomes, collaborating exclusively with health professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Designs for Health?

Designs for Health is owned by Jonathan and Linda Lizotte but led by CEO Amardeep Kahlon, who is instrumental in guiding the company's vision and mission in the health and wellness sector.

Are Designs for Health supplements clinically tested?

Absolutely! Every supplement from Designs for Health undergoes rigorous clinical testing to ensure both safety and efficacy.

Is there a Designs for Health product guarantee?

Yes, Designs for Health stands by the quality of its products and offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all its supplements.

Does Designs for Health offer vegan options?

Certainly! Designs for Health offers a range of vegan-friendly products to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Are Designs for Health supplements non-GMO?

Yes, all supplements from Designs for Health are non-GMO, aligning with the company's commitment to natural and holistic health.

What is the quality assurance for Designs for Health?

Designs for Health adheres to strict quality assurance protocols, ensuring that every product meets the highest purity and potency standards.

Are there discounts on Designs for Health supplements?

Regular customers can receive special promotions and loyalty discounts. It's recommended to subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive offers.