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Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green is an organic raw whole food greens supplement that supports healthy blood sugar with all-natural ingredients!Read More >

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38 Reviews

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I would order again!!!

Excellent product I put into my green drinks and mylk shakes.... It arrived on my doorstep in no time at all.


My family has been using Vitamineral Green Power for about 10 years. One of our children will not eat veggies. We mix the powder into his food and he does not care. I take it will my vitamins in a drink everyday. It keeps my weight down to average.

Great stuff!

I do not ever eat enough greens. I just don't like them. So I have a teaspoon of this every day in some water. It doesn't taste great, but it only takes a few seconds to drink it and then swish with water afterwards. It beats having to eat greens, which I don't like eating at all. I feel great after taking this as well. I think everyone should be on this wonderful supplement.

Wow! Great Stuff!

This is the most affordable of the top greens products. The contents are amazing: even probiotics. Reading the label shows that the product is meant to help people, which includes a very humane price. We chose it as opposed to Athletic Greens, which is a great product but so expensive. Glad we got this one!

It's the service!

I know the product is great, but this is the first time I purchased it from you folks. I love your fast, friendly service. Thanks for a great online shopping experience.

I love vitamineral greens

the ingredients of this is awesome its a full multivitamin made from truorganic plants they have complete bio availability for you body so you get it all not like the synthetic c*** vitamins that come out as neon urine james sherdian is awsome!! to make such a great product and sell it for such a good price... ive been taking vita mineral greens daily for the last 3 years and since i started taking them i feel great!!...would recommended this product for everyone to get out of the slump of unhealthiness

Totally recommend

I love this stuff and its companion vitamineral earth. Highly recommend it. It is cleansing, healing, nourishing real food.

This is the stuff

VM Green is uncompromising in its ingredients. Kelp and sea vegetables have a strong taste and pungent aroma. Hey, nutrition isn't entertainment. Enjoy your Epicurean delights separately. When you want to make sure you body is getting what it needs, drink this stuff. My two suggestions: 1) hardcore - use half the amount of water, mix well, and chug - then more water, swirl and finish. 2) Mix half and half with Vitamineral Earth. The earthy peppery tastes mask the green for me. Find what works for you and just do it !

Good product

This is a repeat purchase, there are just too many good factors about Vitamineral Green Powder Trial Size, I never let myself run out. Safe for my toddler too, I just stir it into her yogurt.

Daily tonic

I do notice a difference in my energy level when I skip a few days. I have used it for at least a year recommended by my PT, an Ayuvedic practicioner.I feel it has really supported my overall health.

Vitamineral Green

The best Superfood on the market!

Vitamineral green

It gave me energy and when taken in the morning in my smoothie, I stayed satisfied at least until 2:00. It does not leave an aftertaste. It is the best green drink on the planet. It is a true superfood!


Best prices I could find. Received order very quickly.


When I don't take I feel sluggish. The only complaint is they changed the formula and this version is gritty. If you have problems with texture it will be hard for you to drink the 5.0 formula.

Vitamineral Green Powder

I had trouble with the taste but have solved that problem. I really feel like it helps. I went for a weekend without it and could tell the difference.

Vitamineral Green Powder

I love this stuff. At first I felt like I was drinking fish tank dirt. I hated the taste. But I put it in my green lemonade with ice cubes and I drink it with a straw, and I've gotten used to it. I really don't even taste it anymore. It's worth getting used to. I feel like it infuses my cells with light. Cheesy, I know, but it's how it feels.


Wonderful magic powder. I put it juice and smoothies so that the family get the benefit

Just buy it!

This stuff is the best. I throw it in a smoothy every morning and it gets me energized for the day. The maker recommends a high dosage, but I take about half that and feel great - fresh fruit & juices do wonders for the flavor & my magic bullet mixes it up completely. Try a small bottle if you're still not convinced.

Vitamineral Green

My skin appears clearer and softer. The reason I give it a four star cause I've only been using it for two weeks. So far, so good.

Liquid Gold

When you miss those veggie salads you just can't get it everyday Vitamineral supplies the nutrients the body needs. Can't live without it one of the best on the market really potent stuff. Since taking it, I feel more lively, more energy and pep.

Vitamineral Green is the best

We have used Vitamineral Green Powder for about 10 years. Since we found it. It has helped us maintain our healthy energy. One of our children does not like to eat veggies. He himself puts it in his Orange Pineapple Banana juice drink and can't tell it is there.

Its real food, love it

It took me a bit to figure out how to consume the Vitamineral Green Powder, but it is awesome mixed in a smoothie with banana, vanilla, honey, and almond milk. I have added oranges, carrots, spinach and other stuff in my vitamix and made power punched smoothies. Its a great way to start the day.

Vitamineral Green Posder

We have used Vitamineral Green Powder for over a year I find it mixes smooth and we enjoy the taste of a fresh green drink, I add a spoonful of apple concentrate and a banana and it becomes a fast meal for us.

no bad taste in this one either

Great superfood - I did blue green algae and moved on to Vitamineral Green Powder and greener grasses. The combo of the two is great - just make sure you get out any lumps. This is great stuff -

Vita mineral Geen


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