Healthforce Superfoods Truly Natural Vitamin C

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Discover a Vitamin C supplement that is made from 100% food - nothing synthetic. It could be the best way to actually absorb this nutrient!Read More >

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9 Reviews

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Great Quality!!

I normally get cold sores when I take synthetic vitamin C. That does not happen when I take this product, Has a sweet tart flavor, tastes way better than Camu, which I cant stand the taste of. I feel it working, minus the excess acidity you get from synthetic vitamin C. Love this product! Only one I will buy now.

very good

very good

Vitamin c

I enjoyed my product very much! Very happy with your service!


I've been getting this product from Natural Healthy Concepts for years. Great quality product, great company.


Love this form of C. High potency and completely natural. When it comes to taking vitamin C, this is the one! Mixes well in juices and even tastes great by itself in water. Have noticed my face is smoother looking too! An added bonus.

Food Based Vitamin C

Healthforce Nutritional's Truly Natural Vitamin C is truly wonderful and I have not had any negative side effects from using it. Firstly, the powder is not bitter at all and has a very mild- neutral taste. I mix it in with my iced- tea and can barely tell that it is there. Since it is from a whole food source, I believe that it is easily recognized by my body and more thoroughly absorbed unlike cheaper products. This product is also an amazing deal for the price-92 servings! I also mix a small amount of the powder in my facial masks and cleansers.

Great Vitamin C

Highly Recomended. Much better than Emergen-C, as it does not have the chemical like quality that emergen-c has. However the product itself is great and the price is good for the 500gram jar, particularly on this website. Also nice to get it in a glass jar. The maltodextrin (corn starch) carrier was a bit of a turn off before buying it, but i cannot say that i notice any harm from it, and it does keep the powder easy to use. Great product from a great company (but they have to work on some of their marketing materials a bit).

Health Force Vitamin C

Honestly beyond Integrity product into orbit', buy some Truly Natural Vitamin C & please tell everyone, thanks. . kind,

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"Natural Healthy Concept products are amazing! Everything I have ordered had arrived on time and exactly as I wanted!"
Lauren M.Verified Customer
"I've been buying Probiotics from Natural Healthy for the past 3 years. I've been very pleased with all my purchases. Great customer service also!"
Robin H.Verified Customer
"I couldn't be more pleased with the prices and excellent service provided. I have always received the right products and delivery is fast. So much easier (and cheaper) than going to my doctors office."
Noel S.Verified Customer