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Sagapro from Terry Naturally is a dietary supplement ideal for both men and women that contains herbal ingredients for the support of bladder strength and urinary tract function. Read More >

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21 Reviews

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The best supplement for bladder frequency

I tried this product and saw an immediate drop in nighttime frequency. I used to be up 6xs a night, and my first three nights were 3, 4, and 3. Not perfect, but I'll take those benefits every day....wish I found this years ago.

Doesn't work - for me

I bought this after reading an article on Terry Naturals website that this was great for women who were having the kind of issues I am having (frequently needing to go, etc) I started it the night I got it and have taken it every day since then... I immediately needed to go MORE frequently - I figured it needed time, it's been maybe 3 weeks? Maybe more... no help whatsoever. I have gone back to Oxytrol... which is expensive but it actually helps.

Don't waste your time or money

SagaPro Bladder Health, did absolutely nothing for bladder pain. Don't waste your time or money on snake oil products like this.

does not work for me...no effect at all

I have taken two tablets a day for over 3 weeks with literally no affect. Studies suggest it works for some but I don't see it.

Great product

This stuff works amazing - I feel it really helped restore me to a better health.


This herb is amazing!

Something Different.

Just started taking SagaPro. Much too early to tell how and if it is working. But it is something different than the standard saw palmetto/sitosterol.


Very happy with SagaPro Bladder Health. Great Price.

it helps

it helps

Saga pro

Saga Pro has really worked for me! Thank you

Saga pro bladder health

I feel it is better than what I was using before. I go longer without going to the bathroom at night.

BAladder support with Saga Pro

Excellent produt. Naturaly does what it ssays. Nice to sit during a movie and not have to get up !!

Saga pro

Been using this product for 3 years and it works for me better that drugs . The best part it has no side effects !

It's only on a rare

It's only on a rare occasionthat I sleep only 2 to 3 hours before I have to urinate. Most of the time I could sleep six hours or more before getting up to use the bathroom. That makes such a big difference in my sleep life.

Saga Pro

works better than prescription meds for me.

Saga Pro Bladder Health

I can happily report that this is one product that I have found that actually works 100%! It was recommended to me by a dear friend who had just started having a few leakage problems. I on the other hand had been having major problems and the only thing prescribed to me was a medication that was $300 for 30 days of meds. I could not afford, so I took my friends advice and tried the Saga Pro Health. I placed my order and said a prayer when they arrived. The first tablet I took was that morning and I felt I was cured. I was so happy and relieved, I cried. It worked all day. I took one in the evening and I did not have to get up all night. So excited.!! So natural! So never going to use any other product!! Thank you so much Pro Health. Sincerely, Sandy H.

the best

the service is exceptional on shipping And Price. The best I have found <br>Thank you, the hand written thank you is a nice touch also on invoice

Saga pro

Still,working for me.


It is absolutely amazing. I would not be without it, especially on a long road trip. Makes driving straight through a breeze!

Sagapro side effects are not considered common. However, Angelica herb is generally considered well tolerated, but more research is needed to understand its effect on the body.
If you are experiencing bladder or urinary tract problems, speak with your healthcare provider before taking any angelica-containing products to ensure that it does not interact with any medications or supplements you are currently taking.
There are many different symptoms of poor bladder health. Some of the more common ones include urinary frequency, which means urinating more often than usual, and is often a sign that the bladder isn't emptying when you do go. Urinary urgency occurs when there is a sudden, strong need to urinate, even if your bladder isn't full. Urinary incontinence occurs when you leak urine unexpectedly, or have difficulty holding it in. Painful urination is a sign of an infection or other issue.
If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you must see a doctor to rule out any underlying health issues. Poor bladder health can signify other problems, so it's best to get it checked out.
If you are wondering how long it takes Sagapro to work, it is important to understand that changing your health can take time. If you have concerns about your bladder or urinary tract health, speak with your primary care physician first. If you are experiencing pain, find blood in your urine, or can't urinate at all, seek immediate medical attention.
If using Sagapro, you may feel it start to work in around two weeks, though some people may notice a difference in just a few days or months. For some people, it may take up to four weeks for the full effects of Sagapro to be apparent. Do not try to rush a health change by exceeding the dosing recommendations.
If you are wondering how long I need to take Sagapro Bladder Health, consider your current health state. If you have bladder problems, such as an overactive bladder, then it is likely that you will need to take Sagapro for a longer period. However, if your bladder is healthy, you may only need to take Sagapro for a shorter period.
Many factors can affect how long you will need to take Sagapro Bladder Health. First, your age can affect how long you need to take Sagapro. If you are older, you may need to take Sagapro longer than if you are younger. This is because as we age, our bodies change, and we may not be able to process Sagapro as quickly as we could when we were younger. Additionally, if you have other health conditions that Sagapro is treating, you may need to take Sagapro for a longer time.

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