Baraka Neti Pot Ceramic Lead Free

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Find out more about Neti Pot by Baraka here! Make nasal irrigation easy with this handcrafted devise. It's nontoxic, dishwasher safe and USA made.
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    Product Details

    Brand: Baraka

    Product Code: neti-pot-ceramic-BKA-assrtd-clrs

    Quantity per Container: 1 Pieces

    The Perfect Neti Pot for Sinus Support

    Neti pots are wonderful devices to use in nasal irrigation, a sinus therapy that flushes the nasal passages with saltwater. Individuals who have sinus issues due to seasonal and environmental irritants report that the practice helps with nasal congestion and pressure. Neti pot use works by flushing the area of irritants and thinning out mucus.

    Baraka offers a sinus health product called Neti Pot that is an excellent devise for use with saltwater in nasal irrigation.

    Product Information

    • A unique, handcrafted neti pot
    • Double fired with food-grade ceramic glazes
    • Easy to use
    • Available in assorted colors
    • Lead free and nontoxic
    • Made in the USA
    • Safe to put in dishwasher
    • 10 oz. capacity

    The slim spout makes it easier to use with children. Generally, it is best to use a neti pot when you wake up for the day and at least one hour before bed, which allows time for your sinuses the drain before sleep.

    If you're looking for a unique, handcrafted, nontoxic neti pot to use in support of your sinus health, consider Baraka's Neti Pot.

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    3 reviews

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    Eastbay Ray

    Great price!

    I decided I'd buy thru NHC instead of Amazon. Not only was it a LOT cheaper (and free shipping), I didn't have to send my $ to the monster.

    Not medical or professional advice



    neti pot

    my review is more on the. service by NHC. I was a little skeptical about ordering because I had not heard of the company before, the. prices were cheaper than other places and shipping was free. Kind of made me think to good to be true. There were also some negative reviews but I gave it a shot and was not disappointed. The item did arrive a few days later than they first stated but I thought the expectation of a 3 day free shipping item with USPS was a little optimistic anyway. Item was as described. Price was cheaper than any place else. Thank you

    Not medical or professional advice



    Best price...small defect

    NHC had best price on this highly rated brand of neti pot but selection of color was limited (not a big deal ) and there was a small chip on the bottom of the pot.

    Not medical or professional advice