Karuna DuoZyme Digestive Enzymes

180 Capsules
5 Reviews

DuoZyme by Karuna is a digestive enzyme supplement that seeks to deliver necessary ingredients for both the gastric and the alkaline duodenal phases of digestion.

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    Product Details

    Brand: Karuna

    Product Code: duozyme-digestive-enzymes-KRU-90-cpsls

    Quantity per Container: 90 Capsules

    Get Digestion Support with DuoZyme

    Karuna combines the digestive enzymes protease, amylase and lipase with other digestion-supportive ingredients to make its DuoZyme. This full-range formula is designed to support both the gastric phase, with pepsin and hydrochloric acid, and the intestinal phase, with other important enzymes and substances. This promotes the acidification of gastric contents, the production of secretions by the liver and pancreas, the delivery of intact enzymes to the small intestine and a pepsin-supportive environment.

    Product Details

    • A fast-acting formula
    • Almost 100,000 USP units of digestive enzymes per serving
    • Suggested use is 2 or more capsules with meals
    • Seeks to support healthy digestion
    • Seeks to support the absorption of nutrients
    • Seeks to support both the gastric and intestinal phases
    • Available in bottles of 90 and 180

    Support your digestive health with DuoZyme from Karuna and see if it makes a difference for you!

    Customer Reviews


    5 reviews

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    Gregg -

    Great product and company to buy from

    2 before each meal as prescribed by my Naturopath. Helps for sure with spicy foods for me. I know I'm getting excellent quality supplements from Prof Supplement Center and they know their products well.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Feeling Great -


    Product works great to help with digestion. No more blotting or nauseous feeling.

    Not medical or professional advice



    It Works!

    I have hashimotos disease, a thyroid disease. The doctor prescribed these telling me I lacked a digestive enzyme. The bottle sat on my medicine shelf for years until you I started getting horrible pains every time I ate. I would get these pains from time ton time, but would just endure the pain and move on, until they were more frequent and debilitating. I remembered what my doc said and gave it a try. My pain was gone, and I had a BM with ease. I have started to take 2 with every meal because 1 isn't enough for me right now. I am now having a BM 3 times a day with ease, going from about 5 times a week of painful BM no matter how much fiber I would take. I am shocked at how good it works. The doc that prescribed this to me was a UCLA professor and a leader in endocrynology.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Big Mamma -


    Keeps me regular and makes me feel light.

    Not medical or professional advice


    KK -

    Helpful, professional, detailed,and FAST

    Last year, after several tests, it was found that I do not have whatever is normally in your body to be able to process fats. Any fats. The doctor prescribed this enzyme 3 a day every meal. I tried to use SEVERAL other enymes, brands etc...then I had to go back. This is the only one that has been 100% effective. I no longer have extreme bloating, gas, extreme mucus production and coughing after meals etc. All digestive difficulites are gone. For years I was told it was a bacterial imbalance and was doing probiotics all of the time...helped to an extent...but did not address most of my issues. After a few doc visits and re-orders, I decided to look the enzyme up online and found this site! They are $30 cheaper than getting them at the docs! I ordered online, left a message, got a return call first thing the next morning so I set up a re-order for every three months-did not know I could do that. Considering that I need them on a daily basis, am very busy and often get to the doc late-this is an AWESOME option. The box arrived in 3 business days. SO happy!!

    Not medical or professional advice