Now Foods

More About NOW Foods

When you see the orange label on NOW Foods products - you'll know you're getting something from a company that cares about the same things you care about.

The beginning of NOW Foods can be traced back to the 1940s, when the natural food and supplement industry was just getting its start. Since then, the company has grown into and remains one of the most well-known and trusted names in natural health.

That's because people have realized that NOW Foods is dedicated to providing products that empower you to live a healthier life while constantly striving to make quality more affordable.

NOW Foods is focused on much more than simply supplements. Other offerings include sports nutrition, natural beauty and personal care products, as well as nutritious, organic food. The pursuit of quality and customer care is hard to miss. NOW is a cGMP manufacturer, which means the FDA recognizes the company for following current Good Manufacturing Practices. Plus, NOW Foods consistently wins awards from both consumer organizations and within the health food industry.

The company made a conscious choice to only work with natural health stores and retailers like Natural Healthy Concepts.

There are hundreds of NOW Foods choices available to order online through Natural Healthy Concepts. You'll find something to meet nearly every need.

NOW Foods is still a family-owned operation, and it strives to do good things in the world in addition to the quality products it produces. That includes community involvement, supporting and leading environmental efforts, such as The Nature Conservancy, and contributing to charitable causes.

NOW proudly supports a number of charities that help provide quality nutrition and essentials to people in need. That includes World Relief and Vitamin Angels. The company is also actively involved in fighting for consumers' rights to take supplements and supports grassroots organizations like the Natural Products Association and the Alliance for Natural Health.

Natural Healthy Concepts is proud to offer a wide selection of NOW Foods products through our website as well as in our Appleton, Wisconsin-based store.