Ancient Nutrition Supplements & Vitamins

Ancient Nutrition™ is at the forefront of holistic wellness, harnessing the wisdom of ancient traditions to create nutritional supplements that support modern health needs. Founded by Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin—who bring a wealth of knowledge in natural medicine and nutrition—the brand is grounded in the philosophy of using history's insights to fuel the body and nourish the soul. Read More >

About Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition is unwavering in its commitment to historically-based, whole food nutrients, utilizing
traditional preparation methods like fermentation and sprouting to enhance bioavailability and
digestion. The brand is synonymous with purity, potency, and sustainable sourcing, ensuring each
product meets rigorous quality standards.

Since its beginning, Ancient Nutrition has revolutionized the supplement industry by reintroducing time-tested ingredients, such as bone broth and fermented herbs, to provide tailored health solutions. They continue to innovate while educating on the importance of wholesome nutrition, striving to transform the well-being of their customers globally.

Ancient Nutrition Highlighted Products

Explore the cornerstone products of Ancient Nutrition, meticulously designed to maximize health
benefits by aligning with ancient principles:

Bone Broth Protein: A groundbreaking formula that delivers the nutrients of homemade bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix powder. It provides powerful components like collagen, glucosamine,
chondroitin, and key minerals for joint health, gut support, and skin vitality.

Multi Collagen Protein: Ancient Nutrition's Multi Collagen Protein features a diverse blend of collagen
types I, II, III, V, and X from four food-based sources. It's designed to support the health of your skin,
nails, joints, and gut with easy-to-digest, non-GMO ingredients.

Fermented Turmeric: An innovative supplement that maximizes the absorption of turmeric, a potent
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Using fermentation, Ancient Nutrition enhances the bioavailability of curcuminoids, making them more digestible and effective.

The History of Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition was co-founded by Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin, both highly respected figures in the field of natural health. Their shared passion for the teachings of traditional health practices sparked the inception of a brand that would bridge the gap between ancient dietary wisdom and modern nutritional science.

The brand has consistently led the industry with pioneering products, staying true to its roots while
evolving with the latest health trends and research findings. Ancient Nutrition is more than a
supplement provider—it's a movement towards reviving the time-honored traditions that have
supported human health for centuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Ancient Nutrition?

Ancient Nutrition was co-founded by Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin and remains under their leadership.

Is Ancient Nutrition recommended by healthcare professionals?

Yes, Ancient Nutrition is widely respected and recommended by a network of healthcare professionals
for its commitment to sourcing and producing high-quality, historically-informed supplements.

How do Ancient Nutrition supplements improve health?

Ancient Nutrition products are crafted using traditional health principles and modern science to provide holistic health benefits, addressing concerns from gut health to joint support and immune function.

Are there reviews for Ancient Nutrition products?

Yes, you can find product-specific reviews on the Ancient Nutrition website, as well as on various health product retailers online.

Can I return products to Ancient Nutrition?

Ancient Nutrition provides a satisfaction guarantee with a return policy for products purchased directly
from them, typically allowing returns within a certain period for a full refund.

Does Ancient Nutrition offer vegan supplement options?

Ancient Nutrition offers a range of products, including options suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Check the labels or product descriptions for vegan-friendly certifications.

Can I buy Ancient Nutrition without a prescription?

Ancient Nutrition products are available over the counter and can be purchased without a prescription. However, consulting with a healthcare professional is advised before beginning any new supplement regimen.

Do Ancient Nutrition products have a guarantee?

Ancient Nutrition stands behind the quality of their products with a commitment to purity and customer satisfaction, offering a guarantee on the quality and effectiveness of their supplements.