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Heart Health Support Tips for Seniors

heart health tips for seniors
Learn how to support your heart health!

The heart is a powerful, crucial muscle which pumps blood throughout the body and keeps us living, loving, and pursuing our passions. As we age, so does our heart, meaning that the heart health strategies that worked when we were younger must evolve as we enter our golden years. The more we focus on heart-healthy living such as staying active, eating a smart diet, and taking thoughtful supplements, the better our chances of staying vibrant and active as we age.

February is Heart Health Month, and to celebrate we are sharing heart health support tips designed especially to help seniors thrive. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips for Heart Health as We Age

As we age, our risks of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack increase. The aging process may cause changes to the heart and blood vessels. Additionally, high blood pressure, genetics, and other risk factors may increase your chances of a cardiovascular event. If you have questions about your individual risk factors and what you can do to mitigate them, check with your doctor and follow his or her advice.

Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

A key part of supporting the heart is the cessation of unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, and in addition to lung damage, causes damage to the arterial walls of your heart. If you struggle with obesity, this will also increase your risk of a cardiovascular event. If you’re currently a smoker or heavy drinker, there is still time to quit for your health, no matter your age.

Adopting Heart Healthy Diet

The earlier you adopt a heart healthy diet, the greater your chances of cardiovascular wellness as you age. Prepare meals at home and fill your plate with foods that are low in trans-fats, saturated fats, sodium, and sugar. Several times a week, choose seafood as your protein, which is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Be sure that any grains you consume are minimally-processed, whole-grains which are rich in fiber and naturally-occurring nutrients. Finally, fill your plate with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, focusing on dark-green veggies for folate and orange vegetables for the antioxidants alpha and beta-carotene.

Exercise to Support Heart Health

Any increase in your activity and exercise levels can help you make strides to supporting a healthy heart as you age. You don’t need to become a senior marathon-runner to make a difference. Adding a few short walks or bike rides into your weekly routine can move you in the right direction. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine to ensure it lines up with your overall health goals.

Supplements to Support a Healthy Heart

In addition to a heart healthy diet, key supplements can be an important part of helping seniors support heart health, here are a few recommendations:

Cardiogenics Intensive Care Heart Muscle Support by Metagenics

Made with hawthorn and arjuna extracts, Cardiogenics Intensive Care from Metagenics provides support for optimal heart health, healthy blood pressure levels, and also helps maintain blood vessel dilation.

PureHeart K2D from Pure Encapsulations

Rich in vitamins D and K2, Pure Heart K2D from Pure Encapsulations can help promote healthy vascular calcium balance and cardiovascular function. Research shows that increasing your intake of vitamin K2 may support healthy arterial blood flow and vascular elasticity.

How do you support a healthy heart as you age? Share your favorite recipes, supplements and lifestyle tips with us below.