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Should I Try Carb Blockers for Weight Management?

carb blockers for weight management
Learn if you should try carb blockers for weight management.

The low-carb lifestyle is number one when it comes to diet trends right now, with many trying keto or low-carb options to lose weight. Carbohydrates, found in sugars, starches, and fiber, are often blamed for weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and the obesity epidemic. However, our bodies need carbs as fuel for energy, for digestion, and to help balance cholesterol levels.

The belief that carbs are the enemy of weight loss has led many people to cut out carbs or use carb blocker supplements to shed pounds. If you’re wondering whether carb blockers are right for you, we’ve done the research to help you make the best call.

What are Carb Blockers?

Carb blockers come in two main forms – prescription and supplements. Prescription carb blockers (known as amylase inhibitors) work to block the complex carbohydrates in the body from being broken down by amylase, the digestive enzyme that helps convert carbs to calories. This allows the carbs to pass through the body without the calories being absorbed. These are often used to help stabilize blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

Carb blocker supplements are products designed to work in the same way as amylase inhibitors, although they haven’t yet received FDA approval. This doesn’t mean that they may not work to help you with weight management, it simply means they haven’t been rigorously tested for efficacy.

Common Ingredients Found in Carb Blockers

Here is an overview of some of the ingredients you might find on the labels of carb blocker supplements.

White Kidney Bean

Phaseolus vulgaris is a plant that produces many types of beans including the white kidney bean. Many carb blockers contain white kidney bean, because it has been researched for its efficacy in decreasing starch absorption.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a mineral found in foods which factors in the metabolism of nutrients by impacting the hormone insulin. Chromium picolinate is the form often found in dietary supplements and may help with cravings, blood sugar stability, and weight management.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema is a woody climbing shrub native to India and Africa that has been shown effective in reducing sugar absorption in the body. Early research is promising that the gymnemic acids found in Gymnema sylvestre may help in weight management and the reduction of sugar cravings.

Carb Blockers Available from Natural Healthy Concepts

If you think carb blockers may help you with weight management, here are a few recommended products available from Natural Healthy Concepts.

Neutralize Carbs Keto Support from Irwin Naturals

Using targeted and clinically researched ingredients, Neutralize Carbs Keto Support from Irwin Naturals contains white kidney bean extract, chromium, and digestive enzymes to support your body while on the keto diet.

Carb-Down with Phase 2 Carb Controller by DaVinci Labs

Carb-Down with Phase 2 Carb Controller from DaVinci Labs is a unique combination of three active ingredients: Chromium, Gymnema Sylvestre, and White Kidney Bean. Together these three ingredients work to support healthy weight management by promoting fat burning, maintaining normal blood glucose levels and neutralizing the calories from complex carbohydrate intake.

Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract from Healthy Origins

Healthy Origins Phase 2 Carb Controller is a non-stimulant nutritional supplement derived from the white kidney bean and designed to support you with healthy weight management.

Have you tried carb blockers for weight management? Share your experience with our team in the comments box below.