Women’s Health Retreat


A Holistic Learning Experience


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Explore different approaches to holistic health and wellness. Learn new ways to heal your body or refine your knowledge about natural ways people support their mind, body and spirit.

Here are just a few of the learning paths that have been taught during previous retreats!

Restore Your Soul And Share Positive Energy

Join our welcome reception celebration for relaxation and complimentary refreshments. Get to know others.

Learn Self-Healing

Cultivate your energy with Chi Kung through breath, gentle movements and meditation.

Empower Your Spirit.

Connect with your intuition and learn muscle testing.

Feed Your Body and Soul.

Learn the link between nutrients and spiritual health with spiritual nutrition.

Connect Mind, Body And Soul.

Learn how functional medicine finds the root cause of your disease and heals your body.

Balance Your Body.

Use Healing Touch to restore harmony and balance to your system.


Rejuvenate in Evensong’s Spa with complimentary access to a waterfall whirlpool, steam sauna and meditation room.

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The Women’s Health Retreat is always changing and growing! Check back soon for more information about upcoming opportunities to take part in this amazing experience!