Mucos Pharma Wobenzym N

200 Tablets
18 Reviews
Wobenzym N Systemic Enzyme Enteric-Coated by Mucos Pharma is a systemic enzyme, offering natural relief from a variety of health issues.
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    Product Details

    Brand: Mucos Pharma

    Product Code: wobenzym-n-MUP-800-ec-tblts

    Quantity per Container: 800 Tablets

    Recover Like an Olympian

    Your body needs enzymes. That's what helps it maintain healthy joints, proper circulation, a vigorous immune system and overall health.

    Mucos Pharma calls its Wobenzym N "perhaps the most researched systemic enzyme formula in the world."

    It is often used by Olympic athletes to aid in recovery from sports-related injures as well as routine injuries.

    Wobenzym with bromelain may support the following:

    • Sports injury recuperation
    • Mobility
    • Joint health
    • Robust circulation
    • Healthy Aging

    As we age, our bodies may not be producing enough enzymes to keep up with what it needs for optimal health. Essentially, we start using enzymes faster than the body can produce them.

    The enzymes in Wobenzyn are intended to pass through your digestive tract into the bloodstream. From there, your circulatory system delivers the enzymes to all your tissues and organs along with nutrients and oxygen.

    Wobenzyn includes an enzyme called bromelain, which is found in the juice and stem of the pineapple. Bromelian may be able to break down certain proteins in the body that can be harmful to joints, organs and tissue.

    Wobenzym is trusted by millions of people around the world. It may provide temporary relief from aches and pains and aid your body in recovering from an injury related to intense exercise or regular use.

    Keep doing the things you love with healthy support. Order Wobenzym N.

    Doctor Trusted Brand

    Professional-grade products adhere to the strictest standards for purity and potency, and use the highest-grade ingredients available.

    Customer Reviews


    18 reviews

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    stamina -

    yes, I'd buy this product again. Thanks

    Since taking Wobenzym N I have noticed a vast reduction in level of pain and stiffness. Even though I haven't been consistent I'm please at the results. I'm about to order shipment so that I don't run out. Thanks S. Brooks

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    Wonderful costumer service.

    Wonderful costumer service.

    Not medical or professional advice



    used this product for 3 years

    used on regular basis, helps with bloating, gas, IBS..helps inflamatory conditions.. joint and bowel..especially hemoroids for me..non existant when i take this product. joint pain lessened... The price has gone up but it is a good product for me.So i will continue it regardless.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Nite Nurse -

    I keep this on hand always

    It keeps my knee and back pain to a level I can tolerate and be able to get out for short periods of time . I take 6 tablets daily 3 in the morning and 3 at bedtime. It really costs a lot. Sometimes I have to cut down or stop taking because I am retired and live on a limited budget.

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    Al the shopper

    Rotator cuff surgery

    Just had surgery on 7/21/14 I've known about this product for a while but decided to put it to the test, because I did not want to take those harsh medications,I started with 4 three times a day with some other products . I want to tell everyone out there this is the best.. This product has help me tremendously my pain level is minimal, it does what it says, will continue to use this product. Today Sunday, 7/27/14 just took my 1st dose @ 8:30am please don't stop making this product.

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    Awesome Product

    I was amazed at how much Wobenzym N helps. I have been able to go back to living my life again instead of hurting and not being able to keep up. I have a sensitive stomach and was worried about the review that people said it caused them stomach upset so I started it out with just one pill a day. Not only have I not had stomach problems but it seems to have actually helped them. I love this product and would definitely recommend it!

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    wobenzym n

    I ordered Wobenzym N before but after a couple months I wondered if it was really doing that much for me. I soon figured out it was helping when my back pain got worse and quickly reordered. now I wouldn't be without my wobenzym.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Jan Soar


    I have used Wobenzym N and recommended for years after recommendation from ortho... Great !

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    Dr. Pat

    Wobenzym N by Mucos Pharma

    Mucos pharma Wobenzym N works great. This enzyme is very effective

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    Mucos Wobenzyme

    Wobenzym N is a great supplement.

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    Wobenzym N by Mucos

    My care provider recommended Wobenzym N by Mucos Pharma. I took a very large dosage for almost a year and will probably continue the normal recommended dosage for the rest of my life. Do substitute Garden of Life for Mucos!

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    Fertile Soul Client -


    As this is supposed to be taken twice a day, 3 caplets each time, on an empty stomach it can be hard to remember to take it correctly. Taking one round before bedtime can help cut down on confusion.

    Not medical or professional advice



    Wobenzym N 800 Tablets

    I can confidentially recommend Wobenzym N - Mucos Pharma. I am now taking the product for 14 days and notice a difference. I am 63 years. With best thanks.

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    Worthwhile Supplement

    Mucos is the brand, Garden of Life brand if you are not careful when ordering. Claim that they are the same, but I do not think they are.

    Not medical or professional advice



    Wobenzym N

    Wobenzym N works for my back, knees and hands. I currently take 15 tabs a day, and really can feel the difference!

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    A Canadian

    Great Product

    This product works great! Thank you Natural Healthy Concepts for fast delivery and ordering from you instead of in Canada saves me over $80 per 800 count bottle!!!

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    Lou -

    I've bought this product for three years

    I was told by a nutritionist that this product would lessen my inflamation and pain from osteoarthritis and it does. Not only that, but it neuralizes what the body produces causing cartiledge deterioration. I take it when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Jocelyn -

    Great product. will buy again and again

    Very beneficial for overall health maintenance for women +50.

    Not medical or professional advice