Patz Maple & Honey Farms Pure Honey Wildflower

12 Oz
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Give wildflower honey’s dark color and bold flavor a try with your favorite meal or when you want a quick snack. Honey may support a healthy immune system!
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    Product Details

    Brand: Patz Maple & Honey Farms

    Product Code: pure-honey-wildflower-PMHF

    Servings per Container: 16

    Quantity per Container: 12 Oz

    Support for a Healthy Immune System with Wildflower Honey

    Pure Honey - Wildflower from Patz Maple & Honey Farms is made from unprocessed honey gathered from bees who visit wildflowers to drink nectar. The honey is never heated as part of a pasteurization process. Every bottle of wildflower honey is raw and unprocessed and may contain compounds, vitamins and minerals that support a healthy immune system. Some pollen may also make it into the honey. Ingesting pollen may support a normal histamine response to seasonal health challenges.

    Wildflower is a term that covers a wide variety of plants that grow in an area that was not intentionally seeded or planted. Bees that visit fields of wildflower may be drinking nectar from plants of differing genus. The flavor and color of honey differs depending on the type of flower a bee will visit. As a result, you might find that wildflower honey has a “complex” or “bold” taste not found in lighter types of honey. Honey may provide temporary relief from occasional coughing, support for a healthy immune system and cellular development, and can be applied to the skin.

    Wildflower Honey Product Details

    • All natural
    • Raw and unprocessed
    • Harvested in Wisconsin

    If you are looking for a new, bold flavor of honey then wildflower honey may be right for you! Each bottle is sustainably harvested from the hive. Try it for yourself today.

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