NativeRemedies Mucus-Clear

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Mucus-Clear™ from NativeRemedies is a liquid homeopathic formula that offers support for sinus and lung health, and may offer temporary relief from symptoms associated with respiratory discomfort.
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    Product Details

    Brand: NativeRemedies

    Product Code: mucus-clear-NRM

    Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

    Support Your Sinuses and lungs with Mucus-Clear

    Mucus-Clear™ from NativeRemedies is a homeopathic liquid formula that works to support sinus health, vocal chord health, and lung health. It may also offer temporary relief from symptoms of respiratory discomfort associated with seasonal health challenges. Mucus is made up of cells that line your nasal passages. While mucus works to moisten and clean the nasal passages, seasonal health challenges can cause excessive mucus production, so you may consider using a natural supplement for extra support.

    Mucus-Clear contains 100% homeopathic ingredients, including Kali bich 6C HPUS, Kali mur 6X HPUS, and Kali sulph 6X HPUS. These are all highly diluted substances and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Mucus-Clear is suitable for both children and adults.

    Mucus-Clear Product Details

    • Liquid homeopathic formula
    • Supports sinus health
    • Promotes a healthy respiratory system
    • May support lung health
    • Supports vocal chord health
    • May offer temporary relief from symptoms associated with seasonal health challenges
    • Suitable for children and adults
    • Made without artificial colors and preservatives

    If you are looking to support your respiratory system, lungs, and vocal chords, try a homeopathic formula like Mucus-Clear from NativeRemedies.

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