Metabolic Maintenance Happy Belly

90 Capsules
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Happy Belly Dysbiosis Formula by Metabolic Maintenance offers magnesium and an herbal blend for a healthy, balanced G.I. tract. Order online today.
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    Product Details

    Brand: Metabolic Maintenance

    Product Code: happy-belly-MTM

    Servings per Container: 45

    Quantity per Container: 90 Capsules

    Support for a Happy Belly

    A balanced and healthy G.I. tract is important to your overall health. If you've been in search of a supplement that may help balance your gastrointestinal tract and enhance your overall digestive health, Happy Belly Dysbiosis Formula from Metabolic Maintenance is the perfect all-natural option.

    Key Product Features:

    • Happy Belly promotes a healthy, balanced G.I. tract
    • You'll get 25mg of magnesium, as well as the benefits of 5 different herbal ingredients in every serving

    When the balance of your G.I. tract is disrupted, it leads to uncomfortable digestive symptoms and can also have an effect on your immune system and its health.

    When using Happy Belly Dysbiosis Formula from Metabolic Maintenance, be sure to avoid the following:

    • Refined sugars
    • Alcohol
    • Fruit
    • Fruit juices

    Start taking care of your health today. Try Happy Belly Dysbiosis Formula from Metabolic Maintenance today and stay on the road to optimal digestive health!

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