Dr. Sherry Rogers Recommends Proteolytic Enzymes

"Clearly the best enzyme with the most research behind it is the old original Wobenzym N. Remember this broke down antigen-antibody complexes in cancer cells, and reduced severe inflammatory conditions like lymphedema (dangerously swollen extremities) after surgeries (like breast removal)."

Vitamin A for Alzheimer's

"An average classically-trained neurologist doesn't even assay for a simple vitamin A deficiency. Yet sadly, a simple vitamin A deficiency has been proven for over a decade to be able to create motor neuron disease. But it is not in their practice guidelines to look at vitamin levels, ever. In fact, they don't even check for a simple vitamin A deficiency when someone starts getting Alzheimer's. And a vitamin A deficiency is another known precipitating factor…it has been found to be extremely important in regenerating nerves. But if you don't have enough zinc to metabolize vitamin A properly then it can't be converted from beta-carotene to the form needed to do its job no matter how much you take."

Two Reasons for Disease

"Don't ever lose sight of our basic premise …that disease has basically two causes. We have nutrient deficiencies and we have accumulated toxins, and these must be addressed to bring about full wellness. I've talked in the past of how the oil change is so important (described in Detoxify or Die) and magnesium and other nutrients have been the solo acts that have turned some folks around. A recent study from Harvard showed that over 35% of asthmatics were already low in vitamin D and that doubled their chances of ending up in the emergency room frequently with infections and exacerbations of asthma."

The Ideal Antioxidant for Radiation

"One way to reduce the multiple effects of radiation….is with the eight forms of vitamin E which includes the four tocopherols and the four tocotrienols. I would use our formula of 1-2 E Gems Elite and one Gamma E Gems each daily, plus 2 Tocotrienols twice daily…Recall, one CT scan = 400 chest xrays."

Help for Hemorrhoids and Constipation

"Hi-Fiber can't be beat in my book. But there's a trick to using it properly. Start with a dry cup and spoon. Have your "clean" water ready. Put a heaping teaspoon of Hi Fiber in the cup and immediately fill the cup with water as you vigorously stir it. Or you can shake it in a covered jar. The important thing is to slug it down instantly. Then follow with another full cup of water. Doing this 2-3 times a day is usually very effective quickly and then you may be able to drop it down to once a day. If you dally or use wet utensils, it clumps up and becomes undrinkable. Remember it may take 48 – 72 hours to kick in. Don't dally as hemorrhoids have caused lung clots."