Dr. Sherry Rogers: Compensate for a Missing Gallbladder

No Gallbladder?

"Having no gallbladder impairs your absorption of crucial fatsoluble nutrients. For with gallbladder removal, there is no longer a storage tank to give you the large amount of bile that is needed with a meal. Instead, bile keeps dribbling out of the liver throughout the day when you don't need it. This impairs your absorption of fat-soluble nutrients crucial for reversing every disease, such as vitamin A, vitamin vitamin D, the 8 forms of vitamin E, and CoQ10; not to mention the essential fatty acids as in your cod liver oil, which are the gatekeepers and electricity producers for every cell membrane; plus being the anchor for every hormone receptor. Many cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) folks improve with pancreatic and bile acids as in Digestive Aid #34 after meals. Now may be the time to identify the metabolic cause of your gallstones or the reason you had such an infected appendix that it had to be removed. Check No More Heartburn to get the gut healthier."

Picking the Best Curcumin

"The herb turmeric is one of the highest antioxidant spices going, which means it donates healing electrons. And one of the things I love about it is it also protects the peroxisomes, which are little organelles that control not only every gene inside our cells, but everything that the cell makes. Unfortunately, these all-controlling peroxisomes are commonly damaged by our ubiquitously unavoidable plastics. So clearly, they need serious rescue. Selecting a curcumin is not that simple, for they differ tremendously in how they are processed and hence their benefits.

The Indian herb curcumin, derived from the yellow root turmeric, has exciting properties with literally hundreds of research papers behind it. But, the herb is very difficult for the body to absorb and a lot of the scientific evidence doesn't apply to all the products that are available because many of them can never give high enough levels in the body to be effective. Having learned that first, I probably would have given up on looking further at its benefits, but then I found it has 2 extremely important properties that we all need to boost.

…Curcumin has not only prevented amyloid, but has reversed amyloid that has already formed in the brain to cause Alzheimer's. The drug industry would give anything to be able to reverse amyloid and Alzheimer's. In fact, they are always trying to duplicate God's chemistry.

One source of 95% true curcumin, which is not synthetic or spiked with junk additives, also contains peperine (black pepper) to improve bioavailability. It is bioavailable Turmeric Extract. Then there is Theracurmin, which is a highly absorbed curcumin dispersed with colloidal nanoparticles. However, the one with the most research behind it substantiating that it gets into the body to produce high levels is Optimized Curcumin, Longvida. This one has sometimes up to 65 times more bioavailability than other curcuminoids with a half-life of 7 hours versus 2 hours for other forms that are also glucuronidated and, hence, not able to pass into the brain."

Artery Protection

"You recall from TW how half the people who die of a heart attack never had calcification of their arteries. Instead, they had what we call soft vulnerable plaque or low attenuation plaque. That's why the measurement of the LpPLA2 or PLAC test is an important crystal ball test of non-calcified plaque.

Fortunately, a time honored nutrient can come to the rescue. You recall from the previous TW that Kyolic Liquid has slowed down the progression of proven coronary calcifications. Furthermore, recent studies show that Kyolic can even stop the change of platelet shape from its normal disc like smooth surface to an abnormal spiky shape with pseudopods or fingers that protrude to promote clotting with fibrinogen. Other studies show Kyolic Liquid stabilizes and slows down the progression of soft plaque by several other mechanisms, which included donating electrons, improving vascular elasticity, lowering homocysteine, blood pressure, cholesterol, CRP, and more."

Nutrients for the Eyes

Q: I have dry irritated eyes and my ophthalmologist prescribed Restasis. Are there any problems with this medication?

A: ...…As you've read in past TW, Lutein is a nutrient that the eye runs out of easily, but it can be restored with a daily supplement. However, sadly many folks are hoodwinked into getting Avastatin injections in their eyes for macular degeneration. This is the chemotherapy that is used for breast cancer, yet it is injected directly into the eyeball. Unfortunately, I have never seen the records from the same opthalmologists that show they looked at even one fatty acid, mineral, or vitamin without which there is never a hope of healing the eye.

…On the optimistic side, sometimes the solution for dry eyes is as simple as the membrane repair detailed in 2016 TW or even just Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil, PC Powder, and the 8 forms of E, starting with 1 E Gems Elite, 1 Gamma E Gems, and 2 Tocotrienols. Or sometimes just the special form of iodine that helps promote normal secretions, Lugols (TW 2015) is all it takes. It all depends on what the particular person is low in. For starters, I would also make sure you also have at least one Lutein or Lutein with Kale forever.