DesBio Comprehensive Detox Kit

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The DesBio Comprehensive Detox Kit is designed to help support your body's natural detoxification processes. 

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    Brand: DesBio

    Product Code: comprehensive-detox-kit-DB

    Quantity per Container: 1 Kit

    The DesBio Comprehensive Detox kit contains six homeopathic formulas, each designed to help support your body's natural detoxification processes. With complete instructions and dosage recommendations, this kit is a great foundation for other DesBio detox products.


    This DesBio Detox kit contains six homeopathic formulas, including Detox I, Detox II, and Detox III, that are designed to support your detoxification process. CerebroMax, SpinalMax, and Matrix Support help to support your brain and spine health, while the other formulas help to detoxify the rest of your body.


    There are complete instructions inside the DesBio Detox kit with dosage amount on each, and a recommended dosage schedule. The formulas included in the DesBio Comprehensive Detox kit are made with homeopathic plants, minerals, catalysts, phenolics, and more to support your health.

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    Laura Mae -

    Detox Kit

    I purchased one of these kits but by taking 3 bottles at a time plus other supplements it was difficult to know what was doing what! So I switched to only one bottle at a time to test them. For myself I found the Cerebromax helped with emotional issues and the Spinalmax helped with nighttime back pains. I was very impressed with those two formulas and want to purchase more of them. The others didn't speak as loudly to me but probably will to someone else!

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    Not medical or professional advice



    Comprehensive Detox Kit

    This is the first detox I have gone through where I actually feel the difference. This kit has me feeling great again! I won't do any other detox in the future. So easy to use, no extra pills or nasty flavors.

    Not medical or professional advice