Get Natural Products to Support Your Health from Springreen

Springreen was founded by Victor Earl Irons, a Yale graduate who was diagnosed with an “incurable” disease that caused his spine to bend. However, by cleansing, and using natural ingredients, Irons was able to remove the symptoms of this disease. He then founded Springreen with the goal of creating natural, live foods that would nourish and cleanse the body.

Today, Springreen continues to make products that are natural, organic, and made without synthetic nutrients. They seek to educate their customers on the benefits of nutrition, and empower families to embrace clean and healthy eating. They believe that with the right nutrition, and by nourishing and cleaning the bloodstream, our bodies will be able to maintain optimal health.

In addition, Springreen products are packaged in recyclable containers that are either amber glass or BPA free. They offer a group of individual products, including a topical salve, a nutrient drink from organic cereal grasses, and a spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Five of their most popular products also work together to form the Seven Day Cleansing Kit, which is a weeklong cleanse designed to rid the body of toxins. We are proud to carry Springreen products here at Natural Healthy Concepts, and invite you to shop their great selection!