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Which Magnesium is Best for Menstrual Cramps?


Menstrual cramps are not pleasant. Some sufferers may deal with debilitating pain. They can interfere with basic tasks and reduce quality of life.

Several products are advertised to relieve cramps, bloating, and associated menstrual symptoms, but magnesium provides an all-natural solution.

Not all magnesium is created equal. So which magnesium is best for menstrual cramps? Read on to find out.

Why Do Cramps Occur During Menstruation?

Menstrual cramps occur when your uterus contracts to expel its lining. Hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which are linked to pain and inflammation in the body, trigger the contractions. Women with high levels of prostaglandins may experience more severe cramping pain.

Most women experience some type of menstrual cramping throughout their lives, but you will be at higher risk if:

  • You are younger than 30
  • You started puberty early (before age 11)
  • You have heavy periods
  • You have irregular periods
  • Menstrual cramps run in your family
  • You are a smoker

How Does Magnesium Treat Menstrual Cramps?

Magnesium relaxes the smooth muscle of the uterus and reduces prostaglandins that cause menstrual pain. Some researchers suggest it calms the nervous system and normalizes hormone activity. One study reveals it may be more effective in treating menstrual symptoms when combined with vitamin B6.

Magnesium does more than reduce cramps. It can treat other menstrual and reproductive health symptoms.

For example, it may calm the stress and anxiety that women often experience before and during their period. It may also relieve symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. It may improve insulin resistance in people with PCOS, a chronic hormonal condition that occurs during reproductive age.

Which Magnesium is Best for Menstrual Cramps?

Not all magnesium is created equal. These brands provide specialized products that offer optimal menstrual cramp relief.


BiOptimizers‘ innovative supplements are formulated to target specific health needs with scientifically backed ingredients, making the brand a trusted choice in nutritional supplements.

Our expert magnesium pick and one of NHC’s best-sellers is biOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough, which is designed to optimize absorption and support virtually every function in your body. It features vitamin B6, elemental magnesium, and 7 additional forms of magnesium, including Magnesium Chelate, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Sucrosomial Magnesium (as magnesium oxide), Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Orotate, Magnesium Taurate and Magnesium Citrate.


Somedays is a brand that specializes in period pain relief. Their Hot Spell Magnesium Ginger Bath Oil features an undiluted magnesium oil that relieves menstrual pain and cramping. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly.

The company also manufactures a Cramp Cream with 10 powerful plant-based ingredients. Its soothing application process soothes the nervous system and relieves cramps.


Vitanica produces all-natural women-focused supplements. Their Women’s Phase I supplement provides natural support for PMS. It is made with magnesium, calcium, and other natural ingredients that ease various menstrual symptoms.

Magnesium offers all-natural relief for cramping and other menstrual and reproductive system-related symptoms. But which magnesium is best for menstrual cramps? Look for a well-reviewed brand that incorporates other trusted ingredients in their products.

Good luck getting the relief you deserve.


How much magnesium glycinate should I take for period cramps?

Magnesium glycinate is a B6-magnesium supplement. Some find that a 200-400 mg dose is effective in minimizing or eliminating menstrual cramps.

What is the difference between magnesium, magnesium citrate, and magnesium glycinate?

Recent studies reveal that magnesium glycinate offers effective cramp relief during painful periods. However, magnesium citrate, which features a magnesium-calcium combination, is often used to relieve PMS symptoms. Magnesium citrate may be best for people dealing with period-related constipation while magnesium glycinate eases symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.

What is the best solution for extremely heavy periods?

Magnesium can relieve menstrual cramps and associated symptoms, but it will not reduce menstrual bleeding. If you are suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding, talk to a healthcare professional. They may recommend solutions like progesterone tablets, birth control pills, or hormonal intrauterine devices.